A corner: a field of vision that expands and retracts, disappears and reappears; a seemingly closed angle that opens up new perspectives. Alexandre Morelli’s photographs embrace this paradox. Everything in these images is real, despite their abstract feel. The viewer finds himself thrust into the corner of a living room, an office, a museum hallway… and yet rather than feeling trapped in these tight spaces, the gaze is drawn out to new horizons.

These mysterious images pull the viewer into a vast world that is much larger than the narrow space being studied. Is the space two-dimensional? three-dimensional? Is it a painting or a photograph? Sometimes clues are hiding in plain sight: the edge of a poster, chipped paint on a baseboard… These minute details drag the viewer back into reality: the wall, the room, the photograph. This back-and-forth between the abstract geometrical forms and the reality of the spaces delights and confuses the observer.

With Corners, Alexandre Morelli toys with the viewer’s perception of reality and proves that the gaze creates the object, and not the other way around.